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Meet the Owners

Meet the Owners of Petalina

The owners of Petalina, Dennis and Karen Vinar, grew up in a small Minnesota town. They were junior high and high school sweethearts in the late 1950’s and early 60’s, but they each went their separate ways for 53 years. Karen was widowed and living in Washington State when Dennis found Karen on Linkedin. 

Dennis was divorced and living in Eden Prairie, MN. After three months of digital courtship, they finally met again and were married three days later.

Dennis owned a marketing business for over 40 years in Eden Prairie. Karen, with a Bachelor’s Degree in interior design, worked in a number of retail venues over the length of her career. After the couple retired from their various careers and moved to Northfield, Minnesota in 2016, they found themselves telling “their story” about reuniting. Collaborating with their daughter and her husband to write about their experiences in the book entitled “How did you find me…after all these years?” brought them to their new careers as authors. The second edition of their book is available on Amazon in print, e-book, and audio version.

The couple was confronted with an offer to buy Petalina and purchased it from Eleanor Croone on January 6, 2020. With the combination of marketing background and design background that Dennis and Karen possessed, they intend to maintain the Scandinavian theme along with the paper and greeting cards associated with the store for 33 years but add locally-sourced offerings to include local artists and authors as well as edibles and apparel from Minnesota.

In April 2021, Paper Petalum of Northfield officially reopened in its new location at 313 Division St. S, Northfield, MN after relocating from the Archer House location due to a structure fire in 2020.

January 1, 2022 Paper Petalum became Petalina.